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Advising Our Clients

Consulting with corporate, university and primary school Alumni Associations and organizations on strategy, development, robust growth, programming, finances, advancing Title IX goals, and organizing and implementing events.
Establishing, implementing and instructing profitable and enrollment driving Sports Management Institutes and Programs at universities, colleges and primary schools, including, charter, private and online schools.
Fundraising and development for universities, colleges and primary schools, including, private and charter schools.
Advising services for sports, entertainment, tech corporations and government.
Advising on Title IX issues.
College and other Educational Entity Athletics Regulatory Compliance.
Advising venture capital entities, their portfolio companies and assist in and lead vc raising and corporate governance in varied industries, including, technology, sports, education, media, venues (construction), others.
Public Speaking (Sports, Media, Corporate and Legal).
Advising startups (Executives-in-residence and virtual Executive or General Counsel).
Advising companies pivoting to Virtual Businesses (meetings, conferences) and those implementing digital platforms.
Advising on and leading contract negotiations
Advising and connecting athletes and entertainers on post career transitions
Advising Global Businesses




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